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Mannin Bay Blueway to the southwest of Clifden has a small roadside beach – The Coral Strand, which is an ideal launch point for a range of water-based activities. Entry to the beach is via the small car park. The bright white sand of the area allows a clear view of the marine life passing underneath – be sure to look down as well as around you. Look closely at the sand here and you will see it is made up of the remains of a type of coralline seaweed and the skeletal remains of barnacles, molluscs and sponge.

Mannin Bay Snorkel Trail.
A series of rocky pools to the right (north) provides a haven for a variety of sea life and may tempt you to continue snorkelling to the adjoining beach some 400 metres further. Along the way you will see the reddish coloured coralline seaweed which when broken becomes one of the bleached white skeletons that makes up the local sand. This underwater plant takes many years to grow so please be gentle and leave no trace.

Mannin Bay Kayak Trails
Setting off to the right (north) paddle the 4.5 km round trip along the rocky shoreline towards and around the small island. This trail can be extended into the small bay to the east of the island (7 km). To the left (west) of Mannin beach, you can follow the rocky shoreline dotted with beaches, many difficult to land on. A number of short ‘out and back’ kayak trips can be made along this section of shoreline depending on the kayaker’s level of experience. A trip from Mannin Bay to Truska beach is an option for more experienced kayakers (7 km each way).

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